Sacred Heart Companions

We have many Sacred Heart Companion groups around the UK and Ireland, as well as in El Salvador, The Philippines and Uganda. Some are in areas where we still work and live, while others continue to live the charism and spirituality in areas where we no longer have a presence  We also have individual members, some may be housebound or they may just prefer to become a home member.  Either way, all are welcome and contribute vital support through daily prayer and involvement at various levels.

Many of our groups meet regularly to pray together and socialise - others become more actively involved in supporting the work of the congregation.

When we meet and have Days of Reflection together, we deepen our relationship with God, our World and eachother.  We actively look for ways of 'being church' and sharing the love and compassion of the Heart of Jesus to all those we meet.

As baptised persons, we live our unique call to mission according to Gospel values, so as to bring the love and compassion of the Heart of Jesus to all.

As Sacred Heart Companions, we strive to:

  • Deepen our love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Accompany the congregation through our daily prayer
  • Actively become involved and support the vision and mission of the congregation
  • Live according to Gospel values
  • Promote Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation
  • Help those in need and enrich the local community
  • Cherish life as a precious gift of God


For more than thirty years we have supported the SSHJM mission in different parts of the world which has been underpinned by the power and strength of the commitment to prayer of families and friends.  

In 1984 it was suggested that this support be more formally recognised and our Sacred Heart Auxiliary Movement was born. This movement grew over the years into what we now call  the Sacred Heart Companions.


If you’re interested in becoming a Sacred Heart Companion, please contact the Sacred Heart Companion Co-ordinator, Sister Elizabeth Dawson, using the form below, and she will put you in contact with your local group.
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