Religious Life


We invite you to learn more about joining our mission, placing ourselves at the service of God's people, to bring the love and compassion of Christ to all who struggle

  • Get to know our charism
  • Explore our spirituality of the Heart
  • Meet some of our sisters
  • Be guided to discernment resources
  • Understand the stages of our initial formation process 

You may also wish to contact a member of our Vocation Team who will be able to journey with you in your discernment process, answer any questions you may have or arrange a visit.

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As Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we profess three vows:


Poverty - Trusting in God’s providence we accept to live in a simple, trusting spirit, holding all things in common and gladly sharing our time, talents and material resources with all who are in need. 
(Constitutions, n.24)

Chastity - We commit ourselves by our vow of consecrated chastity, to love faithfully and generously with undivided hearts.   As a gift from God, consecrated chastity frees us to give and to share love in the richness and joy of friendship within our own communities and to reach out to the many lonely and unloved people beyond the limits of family, religion, race or nationality. 
(Constitutions, n.18 and n.19)

Obedience - Our spirit of responsible obedience enables us to offer to God, in service of God’s people, our energies, talents, gifts of nature and grace in fulfilling the missions assigned to us in obedience. 
(Constitutions, n.37)


"We seek to be faithful to the founding inspiration of Father Braun
an inspiration rooted in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
We, in turn, rooted in faith and courage,
commit ourselves as individuals and as a Congregation
to the saving mission of Christ."

(Constitutions, n. 6)