El Salvador


This tiny country suffers from high levels of poverty, many natural disasters and extremely high levels of violence. We have a small community in the capital San Salvador where we participate in social and health projects helping the very poor and marginalised in an area where street violence and murders are a daily occurrence.









In the north of the country we continue to run a Human Rights project which accompanies hundreds of victims of the massacre of El Mozote in their pursuit for justice. This case has brought about a change in El Salvador's Amnesty law and has opened the way for many other cases of crimes against humanity to be re-opened, including that of Blessed Oscar Romero.



To see some of the work going on at the El Mozote Human Rights project CLICK HERE


 Victims of El Mozote meet with President Higgins of Ireland.  Sr. Anne Griffin (3rd on right)


. . . to recognise and address
the root causes of injustice and prejudice,
willing to advocate for human rights
in an evangelising spirit.     

Acts of the Chapter 2014