Victor Braun Federation

150 years in the
Love and Service of the Heart of Jesus


This special anniversary was marked by a year of  thanksgiving and celebration 




In addition to local anniversay celebrations, the following joint Federation events were held:

October 2015 - Opening the 150th Anniversary year
- International Federation Meeting with representatives from the three congregations, held in St. Avold, France

August 2016 - International Federation Meeting of our newer sisters from the three congregations, held in Versailles, France

October 2016 - Closing the 150th Anniversary year
- Closing of the 150th Anniversay year of celebrations with representatives from the three congregations, held in Versailles, France





To celebrate 150 years we produced a joint book for the the Federation

which looks back at the 150 years history of our three Congregations.
This challenging history shows how the Sisters were guided by the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Our Sisters totally gave their lives in serving Jesus Christ in the Poor. 

It is our prayer that we continue to hold the Vision and Spirit of our Founder Father Pierre Victor Braun as we journey together to serve Jesus Christ in the Poor and those marginalized in society.      





The VICTOR BRAUN FEDERATION - in the service of the Heart of Jesus obtained pontifical right on 4th July 2003.  It comprises of three Institutes which all stemmed from the same foundation by Father Peter Victor Braun in Paris, 1866



Sœurs Servantes du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus

Dienerinnen des heiligsten Herzens Jesu

Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary


   The aim of the Federation is to:

~ to rediscover the unity of our origins according to the spiritual intuition of Father Braun and to form one family rooted in the love of the Heart of Jesus.

~ to deepen our common spirituality, respecting our diversity, in order to live it better, to promote it and pass it on.

~ to share our different experiences in order to enrich and to stimulate our apostolic presence in the world of our time: 
      either together in a distant mission
      or each one locally in response to the pastoral needs.

~ to look for responses that are adapted to present needs, and thus to participate more fully in the growth and the dignity of each one, giving particular attention to the most deprived, suffering in body or wounded in soul.

~ to reunite ourselves to the merciful compassion flowing from the heart of God in order to witness together in the Church to the fulfilment of salvation in our human history.