Human Trafficking


The Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary stand in support of human rights and human dignity by opposing human trafficking.
We will continue to work as - individuals, as congregation and in collaboration with others to help eradicate this evil form of modern day slavery.





Why is Human Trafficking So Prevalent?
Traffickers lure vulnerable women, children and men with false promises of good jobs, an education, economic security and even love. Once lured, the traffickers can keep their victims from seeking help by taking their documents and in many cases forcefully confining them.  In addition, traffickers use threats of violence against the victim or their family, as well as subjecting the victim to physical, psychological and/or sexual abuse. No sector or industry is immune from human trafficking. Victims have been identified in factories, restaurants, construction work, agricultural fields, hotels, spas, nail salons, and even private residences.


One of the most troubling of those open wounds [in our world] is the trade in human beings,
a modern form of slavery, which violates the God-given dignity of so many of our brothers and sisters and constitutes a true crime against humanity. 


Pope Francis, Second European Assembly of RENATE, Rome, November 2016





The Way of the Cross - printable folded booklet

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As part of our commitment as a congregation to the issue of Trafficking of persons, in the UK we host TRAC (An independent Inter-Congregational Initiative working to end Trafficking for sexual exploitation).
The group is made up of representatives of around 18 religious congregations in the United Kingdom.
Members of the TRAC Group undertake regular speaking engagements with parishes, schools, justice and peace groups, religious congregation and faith groups, clubs and societies.


For more information on Human Trafficking, visit the sites below:

APT Ireland


Talitha Kum


PACE (formerly CROP - this organisation works with the families of young women and children who have been trafficked within the UK).


What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery in which people profit from the control and exploitation of others.  It is the trade in and the abuse of human beings by ruthless criminals whose only aim is to make money.  Human trafficking occurs without the consent of the person involved and may take the form of:

o    Forced labour (including child labour)

o    Sale of human organs (organ harvesting)

o    Sexual exploitation

o    Domestic servitude

Human trafficking involves the movement of people between countries but it can also occur within a country.  It should be understood as a process rather than a single offence – people are bought and sold as commodities, often over and over again.