Through the years ...

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    Mother Winefride Tyrrell
    Superior General   1903—1908

    Mother Winefride had great faith and courage always seeking Gods will in the dark days of transition to a separate congregation in 1902/1903.  She stayed with the darkness until enlightenment came. Mother Winefride trusted in providence, she came to Chigwell with no resources but the sisters who chose to stay with her. She cared for and valued each sister. She wanted to continue the charism of Victor Braun.  Despite her illness in 1906 she continued to show gratitude and appreciation for the prayers of the sisters and held genuine affection for each one. She described our sisters as humble, simple, obedient and zealous.

    Mother Sylvester Halpin
    Superior General   1908—1927


    Mother Sylvester was elected Superior General of the Congregation at the first chapter to be held in Chigwell convent and in that same year Chigwell was designated the Mother House. She led at a time of both growth in the congregation and in the turmoil of the First World War.

    Mother Laurence Daly
    Superior General   1927—1941


    Mother Laurence was leader and guide of the Congregation when the Constitutions received Papal approval and at a time of great expansion. The outbreak of World War II brought with it the terror of air raids and the fear of enemy invasion.

    Mother Antonia Philips
    Superior General   1945—1963
    (Vicar General   1941—1945)


    Mother Antonia supported the Congregation through the most part of the Second World War, often sending teaching sisters with their children from the city schools to safer places of evacuation. She had the vision to send sisters to share our SSHJM charism in the continents of Africa and North America. Mother Antonia was known as a character both motherly and imposing.

    Mother Bernadette Flavin
    Superior General   1963—1965


    Mother Bernadette was best known for her care for each sister and her gentleness. She led by example and was thoughtful for the needs of others. She continued the missionary vision of Mother Antonia and sent sisters to Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia). Her short period in office was due to an accident, short illness and subsequent untimely death.

    Sister Etheldreda Gleeson
    Superior General   1966—1978
    (Vicar General   1965—1966)


    Sister Etheldreda led the congregation through the turbulent years following the Second Vatican Council. She sent as many sisters as possible on courses of Renewal and there were many changes made throughout the congregation. She took up the call to revise the constitutions and look again at our Founding vision. The letters of Fr. Victor Braun were translated from French and made available to all sisters. Relations with the Servants of the Sacred Heart in France and Austria were re– established.

    Sister Oliver Kinane
    Superior General   1978—1990


    Sister Oliver built Marian House for the care of our elderly sisters. She received on behalf of the Congregation an O.B.E. from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This was in recognition of our work with and for persons with special needs, a work that continues today in many different countries.

    Sister John Vincent McDonald
    Superior General   1990—2002


    Sister John Vincent opened the congregation to accepting sisters from Zambia, El Salvador and The Philippines. During her time a Pastoral Plan for the Congregation was initiated. The mission in the UK was developed to respond to the needs of the arrival of refugees. In Zambia all our apostolates were directed to the HIV/AIDS crisis. A new mission was opened in El Salvador responding to needs of the poor in an unjust civil war. She worked closely with Federation Victor Braun opening joint missions in The Philippines and in Colombia. The Chigwell Justice and Peace Centre was opened.

    Sister Catherine Collins
    Superior General   2002—2008


    Sister Catherine initiated the congregation’s involvement in the work against Human Trafficking. The congregation celebrated the centenary of its foundation in 2004. In the same year the constitutions of Federation Victor Braun were approved by Rome. Inter-chapter meetings were held in three continents for the first time.

    Sister Elizabeth Dawson
    Superior General   2008—2014


    Sister Elizabeth promoted our involvement in care for persons with Special Needs in all the countries where we have a presence. An international conference on Disability was held where sisters and staff attended from Europe, Africa and Asia. Sacred Heart Companions were also promoted in all countries to involve many more people in the sharing of our charism.

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    Sister Mary Mangan
    Superior General   2014


    Our present Congregational Leader.