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  • Feast of the Sacred Heart 2016
    3 June 2016
    Inter-relatedness began about 14 billion years ago when the universe was dreamed into being. Certain experts, with a lamentable lack of poetic feeling, call this event “The Big Bang," but "The Flaring Forth" seems a happier and more appropriate term for the Creator's handiwork of a universe studded with countless billions of stars. more ...
  • Fr. Victor Braun 2016
    18 May 2016
    The Spirituality, Charism and Mission of Fr. Victor Braun arrived in Cebu, Philippines in May 2000, 16 years ago. We give thanks to God for the pioneering Sisters whose great love of Jesus and the Poor brought them here. more ...
  • Sacred Heart sisters mark 150th anniversary at Clare Priory
    1 April 2015
    Religious sisters from across the world visited Clare Priory in Suffolk on March 11 to celebrate the founding of their original Congregation in Paris 150 years ago and to explore ways of working more closely together, following decades of separation. more ...