Reflections for Lent & Easter

Easter Reflection 1 2021

He is Risen. We proclaim these words to one another in the joy of Easter. It is a time of new beginningsas we recall the Easter vigil’s rituals: theblessingof the new fire, of the new water, of the newly baptized and the lighting of the paschal candle. The Easter dawn that awakened you softens into the brightness of day. Liturgical celebrations complete, we remain 


Holy Thursday 2021

It is a profound expression of Christs’ love among us and in spite of our weaknesses and limitations God continues to love us. For me, this is the essence of Holy Thursday; that God who is one hundred percent human and one hundred percent divine, shared his precious banquet with us, for us to be reconciled and save from all our defilement. Jesus gives himself to us in the Eucharist as spiritual nourishment because he loves us. God's whole plan for our salvation is directed to our participation in the life of the Trinity, the communion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Forth Sunday of Lent 2021

Reflecting on today’s Gospel passage we will agree that it fits very well into this season of Lent, as we look into ourselves and hope for Repentance, Reconciliation and Conversion. It also fits in very aptly with the parts of Fr. Selvam’s talks in which he is inviting us to look at a more contemplative way of praying and living especially as we prepare for the General Chapter.
Nicodemus, a man of Religious outstanding and prayer, was drawn to look for a deeper meaning to his life and so was drawn into the presence of Jesus.


Second Sunday of Lent 2021

The second Sunday of Lent is an invitation to be transfigured by our intimacy with Jesus to face the challenge of the Passion. In the Gospel of Mark 9:2-10, it tells us of an occasion when Jesus went up to the hills to pray, taking with him three companions Peter, James and John. While he was praying His face seemed to change, His clothes seemed to dazzle and He was enshrouded in brightness, shining with glory.


First Sunday of Lent 2021

Our readings today remind us of our baptism. The waters of the flood heralded a new beginning. In this event God renewed his covenant with all of his creation and left us a reminder in the heavens, the rainbow. As Noah and his family were saved by the flood so we too are saved by our baptism; our baptism by which we are made children of God, we become a new creation.